Topflite Rabbit Munchies 3 pack

Topflite Rabbit Munchies 3 pack

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It’s not surprising that some of our human customers have expressed an interest in trying these tasty morsels for themselves. The certainly look good enough for us to eat. 

Just think how good they look to rabbits and guinea pigs! It’s no wonder they start excitedly hopping after a taste of this well-balanced recipe of healthy fruit and vegetables – these munchies are a great way to show your pets you love them.

1. Hand crafted in New Zealand with all natural ingredients

2. The real deal in superior rabbit and guinea pig treats

3. Each bag contains three of each munchie

4. No extra unnecessary ingredients – just the good stuff!

Ingredients: Apple, Carrot, Parsley, Thyme, edible binding agent

Feeding guide: Feed as part of a balanced diet. Remember: too many munchies can result in weight gain, general idleness and long periods of video game playing. Possibly – we can’t say for sure.