Nutrience Cat 1.13kg Sub Zero Prairie Red

Nutrience Cat 1.13kg Sub Zero Prairie Red

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Nutrience Cat 1.13kg Sub Zero Prairie Red

Subzero combines the benefits of a complete & balanced, grain free, ancestral-based diet, with the nutritional boost of raw, in an easy-to-feed kibble recipe formulated for cats & kittens, from growth to the senior years.

Nutrience Subzero Grain Free Prairie Red is a multi-protein formula combined with chunks of real, freeze-dried raw meat for a superior flavor that even the fussiest cats will love.

Prepared with fresh, never frozen locally-sourced, boned beef, lamb, wild caught boar & bison, wild-caught Pacific salmon, herring & cod - delivered fresh from local suppliers. 

An ideal formula for multi-cat households, removing the need to to keep bowls and food separate for different ages & life stages.

Your Cat will love the taste of Nutrience.

Nutrience Buy 10 Get 1 FREE

Customers may run more than one card simultaneously - give us a call to find the program which is right for you NB - Only for Grain Free & Subzero Dog & Cat Food

Bonus card Term & Conditions

  1. For retail purchases of 1.13kg or larger bags of Nutrience dog or cat food (Dog and Cat food can be combined on one card)
  2. 11th bag free after the purchase of 10 qualifying bags. (Delivery fee applies or pick up from store)
  3. Free bag equivalent to the lowest priced product of the previous 10 purchased.
  4. Card valid for 18 months following date first bag purchased.
  5. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, deal, or promotion.
  6. Offer may be cancelled or altered at any time without recourse or compensation.
  7. Purchase with the confidence of our 100% money-back guarantee.